RBM Performance

Each employee of RBM Services goes through on the job training at our customer’s location. The supervisor trains them individually to assure they understand the specific requirements that they are responsible for. Tile and carpet work are completed by separate crews that have had specific training in that area. Supervisors are encouraged to have discussions with the employees regarding new techniques and equipment that will assist them in completing their tasks in the most efficient manner. Clean and sanitary hard surface floors and carpets are very important in maintaining a facility. Our company goal is to ensure safe and quality cleaning service that adheres to the cleaning specifications.


As far as operations are concerned, we advise the daily use of communication log books. This book can be used to correspond with our cleaning personnel as often as needed. Important information can be passed on to you about unusual conditions that we may have observed in your facility (for example, doors left unlocked or security issues). We encourage you to communicate whenever you wish with the cleaning person(s) we have assigned. The log book provides for “two way” communication for the customer and RBM Services and also is a great way to build rapport with the cleaning staff.


RBM Services believes that showing respect to all employees, being supportive and clearly communicating expectations are very important to a positive working relationship and from getting good performance from employees. Employees do better work when they are treated with respect and are recognized for their hard work and the contribution they make. Communication lines are open to our employees for their input, or should they need to express their concerns or recommendations. We work together as a team and value the contribution of all of our employees.


“Serving with Responsibility & Integrity”